How to be a guest announcer on


If you would like to be a guest announcer on the podcast, all you have to do is follow these simple instructions:

1)  Record yourself (or have someone help you) saying "This is 20 minutes you'll never get back"

2)  You can record it as an audio text on your phone, or any other method you have.

3)  Record as many snipets as you like.

4)  Speak loudly and clearly, and at a normal pace.

5)  For the best sound quality, record yourself facing sound deadening material to avoid echo.   Clothes hanging in your closet work great!

6)  You should be no more than 12-14 inches away from the deadening material.

7)  Have some energy behind your voice.  Sound happy, or sound like you mean it.

8)  Do not add any other dialog.  If you do I'll have to delete it.

9)  When you start your recording, wait two seconds before you start speaking.  When you're done, wait two seconds before you stop recording.

10)  When your happy with your recording (s), email them to me at

11)  Make sure to include your name so I can give you credit.  I won't include last names but will include your last initial ... and your city... if you like.

Please keep in mind that not all submissions can be included.   If I do include your voice track in an episode, I'll let you know in advance.  

Any questions, email me.